6 robust plants to install on your balcony or terrace

Outdoor plants may tend to be more hardy than indoor plants. This is normal since they are exposed to more variable and more natural climatic conditions. They have all the light and fresh air they need. However, when you don’t have a green thumb, it can be difficult to keep a plant alive whether indoors or not. That’s why with the good weather coming, we reveal a list of 6 rather robust plants to decorate and beautify your balcony or terrace!

1) Le rudbeckia

Its bright yellow petals and almost black center catch the eye. This flower known to be extremely resistant will sublimate your balcony. The only thing this plant asks for is a lot of sun.

Credits: foolhouse / Pixabay

2) Carnations

The marigold blooms from July to November. Very resistant, all types of soil suit it perfectly.

carnation flowers
Credits: sarangib / Pixabay

3) Hollyhock

The hollyhock is a robust perennial that accepts all earthy, even stony environments. It is very easy to maintain and requires almost no care.

black hollyhock flowers
Credits: AlgraRia / Pixabay

4) Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is appreciated for its fragrance reminiscent of the sweet morning dew. Its growth is fast and it is very easy to cultivate. Its flowering is at its peak in February when the weather is milder. It is therefore a particularly hardy plant. The ideal exposure is in full sun for better flowering, but it does not mind partial shade.

Credits: KRiemer / Pixabay

5) Verbena

Not only is this plant easy to maintain, but it is also inexpensive! Indeed, a single foot can turn into a real flower bed. It flowers from May to October.

verveine buenos aires
Credits: KRiemer / Pixabay

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