Lawn: what works to maintain it in the spring?

After a sleepy winter, the lawn needs a little sprucing up. However, it is in the spring that the work begins in earnest for a resplendent lawn! A few steps to take will allow you to enjoy your magnificent lawn when the beautiful warm days set in again. Here is the work to be done for the garden lawn in the spring! 

1) Exposure to the shade

A lawn exposed to the sun all day risks burning and therefore yellowing. It would be ideal if the lawn could benefit from a share of shade and freshness during the day. If not, be sure to choose a very good hardy lawn variety.

2) Observe signs of health

If you see moss forming on your lawn, it’s a sign of soil that’s too wet and lacking in nutrients. It can also be due to lack of sunlight. Forget iron sulphate, which is too chemical for the earth! Certainly, it will remove the foam, but only for a short time. A good maintenance is enough to get rid of it.

3) The scarifier

Lawn scarification consists of removing residues such as moss, dead grass and vegetable thatch. The scarifier also helps prevent the spread of bacteria on your lawn. There are manual and motorized models for all budgets! It will rejuvenate your lawn in the blink of an eye. It is enough to scarify twice a year: in the spring after the last frosts and in the fall before the first frosts. The lawn must be at least three years old and mowed beforehand.

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